Rosa’s story-the director’s cut

Early in our project, we presented the story of Rosa Yorleni Sevilla, an OYE scholar who nearly missed out on attending high school because of her family’s economic circumstances. Hers is truly a story of transformation…going from a life without the possibility of completing her education, to now becoming a scholar of the month.

Rosa’s story has consistently been a favorite of our viewers, and still gets regular daily hits over a month after its initial posting. The original was a rough cut that was shot, edited, and posted in a matter of hours. Today, we’ve posted the finished piece, which will be part of a full-length documentary about OYE’s efforts in empowering youth through education, self-esteem building, mentoring, and positive influences. This finished piece provides more insight into her family life (and the lives typical of OYE scholars), as well as an opportunity to view it for the first time if you’ve just joined us a follower of the OYE social media project.

So, we present…Rosa’s story, the redux.

About Richard Lakin

Richard Lakin is the co-founder of 18 rabbits digital media. Named after the Mayan king (695-738 AD) who supported the arts during his reign in Central America, 18 rabbits digital media promotes social entrepreneurs, international development, educational institutions, NGOs, corporate social responsibility, non-profits, and community outreach projects through a strategic program of multimedia and internet distribution.
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3 Responses to Rosa’s story-the director’s cut

  1. Amazing shots Richard…you really set the setting well for such a touching story. Que sigas adelante siempre, Rosa!

  2. amilcar says:

    🙂 DIOS TE BENDIGA a ti y toda tu familia Rosa… gracias por compartir parte de tu historia con todos nosotros.

  3. Rosa says:

    estoy muy agradecida con oye por toda la ayuda que me han brindado economicamente y lo mejor de todo con sus capacitaciones y todos los amigos que puedes conocer

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