Put a cute dog picture on your WordPress blog to drive traffic

There are a lot of things that I miss about El Progreso, Honduras now that I’ve returned to the US…buying bananas by the dozen in the Centro, having a morning fruit licuado http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Licuado from the place across the street from the hotel. I couldn’t remember all of the fruit names in Spanish, but the lady who worked there told me that this particular blend was her boss’ favorite, so my daily order became “la bebida preferida de su jefe.”

Fruit vendor, central El Progreso

And I miss this little pug dog who would snort, and grunt, and slobber it’s adoration on days when I’d work by the hotel pool, which was conveniently in range of the WI-FI. He belongs to the couple who own the Hotel Plaza Montecristo. The Montecristo has been a friend, offering discounts and personal hospitality to guests who are visiting OYE.

After working for weeks on a project to bring insightful analysis of Honduran society, and emotional stories of personal transformation, I posted some dog  photos from the trip on several personal accounts; Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc, and they received more daily activity than anything on the OYE blog so far.

“Cute pictures of dogs generated more activity than insightful analysis and emotional stories of transformation.”

let sleeping dogs lie/ El Progreso, Honduras

So, the lesson here is what we already knew…if you post goofy content; a cat playing the piano, a talking dog, a divorcing Kardashian…you will get millions of hits. To that end, here’s our cute dog pictures and video from Honduras! Let’s see how it affects traffic to the site. Note the tags for the post below.

About Richard Lakin

Richard Lakin is the co-founder of 18 rabbits digital media. Named after the Mayan king (695-738 AD) who supported the arts during his reign in Central America, 18 rabbits digital media promotes social entrepreneurs, international development, educational institutions, NGOs, corporate social responsibility, non-profits, and community outreach projects through a strategic program of multimedia and internet distribution.
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2 Responses to Put a cute dog picture on your WordPress blog to drive traffic

  1. 너무 귀여워! 너무 귀여워! 너무 귀여워!
    Korean for “Too cute.” Maybe this will generate some more hits from South Korea haha. Nice memories from Progre!

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