grad student volunteers

Grad students from Columbia University signed on for an alternative Spring Break in Honduras to do volunteer work for OYE .

About Richard Lakin

Richard Lakin is the co-founder of 18 rabbits digital media. Named after the Mayan king (695-738 AD) who supported the arts during his reign in Central America, 18 rabbits digital media promotes social entrepreneurs, international development, educational institutions, NGOs, corporate social responsibility, non-profits, and community outreach projects through a strategic program of multimedia and internet distribution.
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3 Responses to grad student volunteers

  1. Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and School of Social Work visit OYE in Honduras. What an amazing trip. THanks to all the OYE staff and scholars for their hard work and dedication. Honduras is an amazing country with great potential, and it all starts with empowering its future leaders. Organization for Youth Empowerment!!

  2. 18conejos says:

    It was great to meet this group of volunteers from Columbia University. It takes commitment to do an alternative spring break and work for a cause. This was an interesting bunch of people.

  3. maria reyes says:

    amazing group!!!!!

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